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Our Top Tips for Keeping Hair Healthy This Summer


The summer heat has officially set in where every day from sun up to sun down is filled with sweltering hot air. While there a lot of things to love about summer like ice cream cones, outdoor concerts and pool days, for all the fun summer brings, it unfortunately does not bring good things to our hair.

That’s why we wanted to bring you our top tips to help for keeping hair healthy this summer:

Embrace the Floppy Hat Trend

While your hair can’t get a sun burn, it can suffer sun damage from UV rays, not to mention you could get a scalp burn, which not only hurts, but looks really awful once it starts peeling. Yeah, are you gagging yet? It’s pretty gross, so wear a hat and save your hair and scalp from UV rays while looking stylish in the sand. Win, win.

Rinse Hair Right After Your Dip in the Pool 

If you’ve never had to deal with your hair turning green (use towheaded kids had it rough), you’re probably not in the habit of rinsing your hair right after getting out of the pool. To prevent dryness, breaking and the splitting of your hair that the chemicals in chlorine can cause, make sure you rinse your hair with water and use a shampoo that contains ethylene tetra-acetic acid if you really want to prevent damage (this is a great extra protective step for people with color treated hair).

Go Easy on the Heat Treatments

Curling, using hair rollers, and straightening your hair (which does not help combat frizz) are sure fire ways to add insult to injury with the summer heat. You should ideally try to minimize heat styling all the time, but in the summer you’re especially not doing your hair any favors. If you can’t stand the look of your hair air dried, give yourself a blowout using the cool setting on your hair dryer.

Plus, we think summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the messy beach hair look and save yourself 20 minutes in the morning, but, hey, that’s just us.

Don’t Over-wash

We can argue this point all year long, but with the hot summer air, your strands are just going to feel dryer. This can lead to feeling like you need to wash and condition your hair more frequently, but over-washing commonly leads to more dryness since the oils from your scalp cannot make their way down your hair shaft. Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner when you do wash your hair every few day also helps combat dryness.

Make Friends With Leave-In Conditioner

To remedy that dry hair feeling, you may want to use a leave-in conditioner to help attract and hold moisture to the hair strand and seal and protect the newly added moisture from your hydrating shampoo and conditioner. There are a ton of leave-in conditioners on the market and some are better for specific hair types, so ask your stylist for a recommendation on a product that will work best for your hair.

Get a Hair Cut

The ends of your hair are the oldest (duh), but also the weakest and the most dry. Start the summer off fresh by getting the ends trimmed, and then when you’re done with all your beach weekends and pool parties, come in for a conditioning treatment and another trim. Don’t have a stylist? No worries, come check out our awesome team here.

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