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The Signature Gigi Hadid Hairstyle and Why She’s Our Hair Crush of the Moment

Victoria’s Secret has done a decent job at keeping a few big-name models as household names, but in all honestly, the recent rise of Gigi Hadid is bringing in a new wave of supermodel-dom.

She’s been all over our newsfeed lately, and we’re definitely not complaining. She’s absolutely gorgeous and has killer off-the-runway style to boot. Also, her hair…can we talk about it for a minute?

From boho waves to a sleek braided top knot, the Gigi Hadid hairstyle is on point for every occasion. And even though we know she has a glam squad helping her achieve some of those great styles, we think you can get inspired and try them out yourself.

Here are some of our favorite hairstyles on Gigi:


This boho-waves-with-a-slight bend is what we consider the signature Gigi Hadid hairstyle. This picture was taken at Coachella, but anytime we see model-off-duty pics of Ms. Hadid she’s typically rocking this perfectly un-done look.

You can achieve this look by parting hair in the middle and letting it air-dry slightly before creating two braids. Get a good night of beauty sleep and shake out your braids in the morning, spray a texturizing sea salt spray and head for the California coast.


We like that Gigi isn’t afraid to mix it up between sleek and polished and messy, just rolled out of bed (if you’re a model) look.

Some might be intimidated with this pulled back style with a middle part, but when it’s paired with a crisp and structured outfit we think it looks wonderfully fashion forward.


This look screams Hollywood glamour without the need for giant barrel curls or over-the-top volume. A deep side part, and a slightly caught-in-the-wind blow out is the preferred look for when you need to look chic without being too “done.”

And of course, Gigi pulls it off perfectly with understated au natural makeup.

This fun and flirty updo is ideal for hot summer night soirees because it’ll keep you cool while still looking stylish. This look on Gigi is best achieved with hair that hasn’t been washed in a couple days and a good number of bobby pins on hand to pin up your braided ponytail in to a top knot.


If we didn’t know any better, we would’ve guessed Gigi was a rockstar with this look. Although this hairstyle is a really a simple ponytail, the volume is what makes it look purposeful and not just thrown together. Rake your fingers through your hair to bring it in to a high ponytail to give your hair some texture (no need for a brush), and then gently tease the base of your ponytail to give it rockstar volume. Pair with a leather jacket and aviators for good measure.


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