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Stylist Q&A with Sarah of Bang Salon DC Verizon Center


Today we’re going behind the chair with one of our newest stylists, and resident curly hair specialist, at Bang Salon DC at the Verizon Center. Meet Sarah!

Q: How long have you been styling hair and how did you get in to this profession?

A: I’ve been professionally styling hair for 7 years, but this has been my life-long passion. Ever since I was a little girl this is what I knew I wanted to do when I grew up.

Q: How long have you been with Bang Salon DC?

A: I’m brand new! I’ve been at Bang Salon DC for a little over a month.

Q: What do you think makes Bang Salon a unique place to go get your hair done? There are so many offerings here in the city, but why should someone try Bang?

A: The environment and the energy here is completely unique. Fun, welcoming, and buzzing are a few words that come to mind when I think of describing Bang, and I don’t think that’s something you find at every salon.

Q: What’s your favorite color trend happening right now?

A: I love the balayage style because you can truly get creative with it. A lot of people think of balayage, or ombre, as this one particular “look,” but it’s a technique, and there are so many variations to how you can pull it off.

For anyone who wants to add dimension, color and playfulness without the typical highlights look or up-keep, balayage is a great way to ease in to new color and personalize the process.

Q: What is your number one hair tip you could give to someone who just overall wants healthier hair?

A: No matter what kind of hair you have always, always, always use protective products. You don’t have to be afraid of color or heat styling your hair as long as you protect it with quality products that seal your hair properly.

Now when it comes to my specialty of curly hair, my number one tip is to keep that hairstyle in shape. Curls need frequent attention and love, and that includes getting a trim to keep your style shaped and your ends healthy. Every six to eight weeks you need to be making sure to come in for a dusting, nothing drastic, but it drastically helps your hair.

Q: What’s something clients can do to ensure they’ll be happy with the results of their appointment?

A: I always ask people to be clear on what they don’t want. Once I know what you absolutely don’t want, I’m able to narrow in during my consultation with you and determine a direction and style you’re going to be truly happy with.

A lot of people come in to their hair appointments with pictures of what they want or a description of what they want, but your description might be slightly different than how I would professionally interpret what you’re asking for, so by honing in on what you don’t want and what you want to stay away from, it actually helps me clarify what you are looking for.

Q: Who’s your favorite celebrity “hair crush” right now?

A: Janelle Monáe! That girl just has pure style, and she’s always got funky new cuts and styles going on. It’s just clear she has a lot of fun with her look, which I admire.


You can schedule an appointment with Sarah by calling Bang Salon DC at the Verizon Center at 202.737.2264, or online through our website.

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