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Stylist Q & A with Jamie Lynn B of Bang Salon Metropole

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Jamie Lynn B. is a board certified colorist who loves doing everything from bombshell blondes to racy reds. But don’t let her avant-garde style shy you away; she’s also famous for her natural looking, sun-kissed, girl-next-door (with a little sass) styles.

If you are in the market for a look that the stars are wearing, or you’re looking for a completely unique look that plays off of classic techniques, Jamie Lynn B. is your girl.


Q: How long have you been styling hair and how did you get in to this profession?


A: I have been a licensed cosmetologist for twelve years and I had a long-time desire to be in this profession since I was a young girl. I am an artist by trade and I have love making things aesthetically appealing. Hair is a world of art that involves shape, color and instant gratification.


Q: How many of  years have you been with Bang?


A: I’ve been with Bang Salon for four years.


Q: What do you think makes Bang Salon a unique place to go get your hair done? There’s so many offerings here in the city, but why should someone try Bang?


A: Bang Salon is a unique place due to its young, hip vibe and all the stylists have unique individual styles. Not to mention, all the stylists are personable, extremely talented and highly trained. Bang Salon is also affordable, so you are able to see your stylist more frequently to keep your look fresh.


Q: What’s your favorite color trend happening right now?


A: My favorite trend right now has to be ecaille (tortoiseshell technique) balayage and ombre’ blend that is a bit darker richer and more golden amber tones. Just stunning and classy.


Q: What’s your current favorite cut or style? Something you just have a lot of fun doing?


A: I am a huge fan of the BB cut, or the Blunt Bob. It works great at all lengths and textures.


Q: What is your number one hair tip you could give to someone who just overall wants healthier hair?


A: I am not sure where I picked this saying up, but it has stuck with me through my career, “Hair is your best accessory wear it.”


Truth is if you don’t put time and money into you hair, it shows. Having healthy hair should be a priority. One of my favorite hair tips is using unrefined coconut oil as a deep conditioner once a week. Pintrest has loads of instructions on how to use it as a deep conditioner. It also works great to knock out those fly aways that drive us all nuts in the colder months.


Q: Anything else you want Bang blog readers to know?


A: Do your homework prior to your appointment. Stylists love photos. It cuts consultation time in half and gives us more time to spend on your lovely mane.  If you don’t know exactly what you want, save a ton of different photos and your stylist will help you decide what will work best for you!


You can schedule an appointment with Jamie Lynn B. by calling Bang Salon Metropole at 202.588.5555, or online through our website.

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