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March Stylist Q & A – Chayyah at Bang Salon – Verizon Center

ChayyahQ: How long have you been styling hair?

A: I’ve been styling for about 18 years now.


Q: How many of those years have you been with Bang?

A: I started at Bang after moving from my home state of New York in June of 2014, so not a full year yet!


Q: What do you think makes Bang Salon a unique place to go get your hair done? There’s so many offerings here in the city, but why should someone try Bang?

A: I love that the aesthetic and feel of the Bang brand makes it a great fit for anyone. The clientele here is such a culturally diverse rainbow; we have clients that range from edgy to conservative and everything in between! I’ve also noticed there’s also very little turnover with stylists here, many of them have been here since Bang opened, which is unique and has resulted in a very loyal client base, which tells you something.


Q: What’s your favorite hairstyle or color trend happening right now?

A: Color is my thing, I love doing anything with color! Although balayage isn’t a new concept in general, I’ve noticed it’s still a relatively new trend in the D.C. area, and I love it because its such a versatile style. By hand-painting in color you’re keeping the look very natural and avoiding those lines of demarkation you see with traditional highlights. It makes for a very soft, sun kissed look that nicely highlights your features and provides dimension.


Q: What is your number one hair tip you could give to someone who wants to have healthy and soft hair?

A: Shampoo, shampoo, shampoo! You don’t need to shampoo everyday, but every other day is my rule of thumb. Especially for a lot of our clients who are physically active and workout at VIDA everyday, you need to at least be wetting your hair to scrub out debris or else you’re going to have scalp build up that keeps diminishes your hair health. My advice is shampoo your hair every other day, and for the days you don’t shampoo, wet your hair and scrub your scalp as if you’re shampooing, then dry and use a few sprays of dry shampoo before styling.


Q: What are some signs that you have a client that needs something new? A lot of times people come in to the chair wanting to switch things up, but they don’t know what direction to take.

A: Hair is a very emotional thing, and if someone comes in wanting something different, but they’re uncertain of what to do, I’ll start with getting a feel for their personality and their job to help make a suggestion. I also always like to remind people that I can’t add hair back on, so if they’re unsure of what exactly they want to change, I’ll suggest something that is transitional and doesn’t cross in to that “scary zone” of oh no, what have I done?! By working in that transition phase they can pretty quickly figure out whether they want to revert back to what’s been comfortable for them, or they can inch their way further in to something different.



* Chayyah is a Level 2 stylist at Bang Salon at the Verizon Center. You can set an appointment with her by calling 202.737.2264


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