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Introducing The Newest Items on Our Shelves: IGK Hair

We don’t have to tell you how hectic life in the city can be. You’ve got back-to-back meetings, happy hours to make, and fun to be had. Sometimes that full schedule means making sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having great hair.

Enter: IGK Hair, the newest line of hair care products you can find at all Bang Salon D.C. locations.

We’re the first salon in the District to have IGK Hair to grace our shelves and we can’t wait for you to get your strands on their amazing products.

As we start to use IGK Hair on our clients, we thought we’d share a few of our top favorites from their line with over 20 products aimed to work with how you live so you can rock your look of the moment, in every moment.

Down & Out Dirty Spray

“For enviable shine, piecey separation and the perfect amount of morning-after grit, work this spray through hair for must-have, it-girl style. All hair types welcome.”


You know all those enviable perfectly tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-on-to-the-runway looks you see on Instagram? This is the product to help you achieve that look.

Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel 

“This coconut oil-infused gel is the foundation in creating the hydrated, lived in, undone hair of right now. Inspired by the international jet set kids, Rich Kid’s moisturizing properties give you the hair you’ve always wanted.”


Not only does Rich Kid get the job done with creating that perfectly hydrated, lived-in look you get after a day on the beach in the Caribbean islands, the delicious smell will make you think you’re on vacation, too.

Trust Fund Thickening Foam 

“Create priceless style with this feather-light foam spray that adds density, thickness and lift from roots to ends. Trust Fund leaves just a touch of grip to give you coveted, all-over texture.”


If your constant struggle is limp, lifeless hair, Trust Fund Thickening Foam will give you that authentic, wind-blown volume that you’ve always dreamed of (without any crazy goop or stiffness).

Amaro Ombré Highlight Spray 

“No ombré? No problem. This formula creates the perfect sun-kissed effect by adding subtle dimension, highlights and pigment exactly where you want them. No commitment required.”


We don’t know what to say other than you’ve gotta get your hands on Amaro! If you’re considering getting an ombré look or simply want to fake it, this stuff makes you look like you’ve got the real deal.

Intern Flexible Hairspray 

“Just like any good intern, this flexible finishing spray is versatile, controllable and boasts fabulous memory. No matter how much you work it, this advanced formula refuses to flake.”


Every gal needs a stellar hairspray in her hair arsenal, and Intern is on that works for any hair type for any occasion.

Laid-Back Defrizz and Anti-Static Spray 

“Frizz from the beach? Static from the blizzard? Use this spray to smooth over flyaways in a flash. Laid-Back provides the perfect amount of moisture and control with an amazing textured finish.”


Sick of suffering from static in the winter? Laid-Back will be your new BFF.

For more information on the entire line of IGK Hair products, check out their site and head into any Bang Salon D.C. location where our stylists can answer questions, give suggestions, and you can see these beautiful products up close and personal!

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