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Hair Inspiration: Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Look up “ romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles ” and all you’ll find are over-the-top updos and styles that scream “it took 3 hours to accomplish this look!”

Listen, Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s if you’re part of the single-and-loving-it club) is a nice excuse to get a sweet gift, tell someone you love them and, of course, look cute when out on the town with your Valentine/Galentines.

Don’t know what Galentine’s is? Here you go:


As we previously mentioned, we’re not trying to look like a bridesmaid and we’re definitely not trying to learn how to braid our hair in to heart formations. So, to give you some romantic hair inspiration we pulled together several looks that’ll fit any of your day-of-love celebrations, which you can do yourself and feel fabulous wearing.


If you’re looking for something a little more than your everyday curled style, this waterfall plait from Hair Romance is the perfect look for a romantic dinner to date to a fancy D.C. restaurant. Pairs well with a bouquet of a dozen red roses.


For curly girls who want an elegant style, that again, isn’t over-the-top, but looks like you put in some effort, this style will still allow you to show off your natural curls and beautiful face.


Beautifully tousled and beachy, this is romantic date night look by Rebekah of Goldfish Kiss makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day style. And it’s surprisingly much easier than it looks.


For gals who want to keep the length of their hair on display, but still keep it tamed, this Triple Twisted Ponytail by Twist Me Pretty is a low-effort, yet soft Valentine’s Day look.


We’re all about those natural curls, so don’t fight them, flaunt them! This roll and tuck is kept slight loose for a softer, more romantic look. Deep-part your favorite side, and roll your curls upward all the way around. Loosely secure with bobby pins, and if you need more direction, watch this tutorial from Discovering Natural.


Finally, for the boho girl who wants something simple, yet cute, this half-up braided crown by Treasures & Travels adds a little extra flair while still keeping the natural look.

P.S. – Still need more inspiration? We posted some of our favorite Valentine’s Day styles last year, go check out that post here!

Photo Credits in order of appearance: Galentine’s Day // Hair Romance // oncewed // Goldfish Kiss // Twist Me Pretty // @your_curlfriend // Treasures & Travels

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