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Chic Ponytail Styles that Put a Twist on Your Typical Summer Do

We really love summer, and we bet you do too, but like us, we have a hunch that you’re not the biggest fan of the go-to hairstyle of summer, the ponytail.

It gets boring, can look unpolished and can make you feel kind of like you’re about to go for a jog instead of owning that big presentation you have to give to your entire department this afternoon. We get it, looks aren’t everything, but we all know that a good hair day can make you feel like you run the world.

So instead of letting the summer heat own your hairstyle and keeping it limited to the same simple ponytail all season long, here are a few chic ponytail styles that will keep you cool and your look fresh:

The Faux Fishtail Pony

If you’re not proficient in a fishtail braid, this is a chic way to get a fishtail-like look that takes less than half the time. Check out the simple and quick video tutorial on Byrdie.

faux fishtail

Knot Your Average Ponytail

The knotted low ponytail is one of the biggest casual up-do trends this season, and we love how it adds a touch of elegance while still accomplishing the main goal, to keep your neck cool. The other plus side? Girls with really thin hair can get this ponytail style without teasing the life out of their hair.

To get this look you’ll want to put in a little mousse or texturizing spray (of if you’re on day two or three hair, you can skip the product), split hair in to two main parts. You can then choose to tie your hair in the back or pull over to the side. Tie  over and under twice (basically doing the first step of tying your shoe twice) and then secure underneath the knot with a clear tie. If the knot is too tight, just tug a bit to give it a loose, lived-in look.

Knotted Ponytail

Criss-Cross Short Hair Pony

Gals with short hair still need a way to look fashionable with a small pony. That why we love this super simple criss-cross that’s similar to the knotted ponytail, and adds a little glam touch.


Tri-Braid Ponytail

This style may not be office appropriate depending on where you work, but we love it for a summer concert or a full day spent outside. It’s a little glam and a lot of edgy, which is just our style.
To get this look you’ll want to work with one to three day unwashed hair and separate the top three sections, which you’ll want to tease to get lots of volume. Then french braid back each section and gather it all together with an elastic. Take a small section at the bottom of your ponytail to wrap around the base of your ponytail to hide your hair elastic, then tease the ponytail to your liking and voila!


Chic Twisted Ponytail

Not as edgy as the tri-braid pony, this look is more soft and feminine, but gives a different look than the average slicked back ponytail. This look can be achieved in a similar way as the ti-braid ponytail, except you won’t necessarily want to tease as much and you’ll only want to separate your hair in to two main sections on each side of your head.

You can then choose if you want to do a braid or a twist, which is essentially the same steps as a french braid, but only intertwining two pieces of hair instead of three. If you’re not a braiding whiz, this one will be much easier.



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