Halloween Hair Care Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, and we bet you’re either trying to figure out who to dress up as, or you’re working to collect all the pieces you need for your transformation.

As you might guess, our favorite part of Halloween is crafting the perfect hair and makeup look to go with our ensemble. And although hair color, funky wigs, and far-out styles are in our wheelhouse, we realized you might be feeling a little lost when it comes to how to pull off the perfect Halloween hair look and care for your tresses after the Halloween garb comes off.

So here’s our top five tips to perfecting your killer Halloween hair style and not ruin your hair in the process:

Temporary Hair Color

With so many professionals in D.C. we know crazy colors are off limits for many office jobs, that’s why we heavily encourage temporary hair color for those times you want to let your hair walk on the wild side (it’s fun over here, no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy pink, green or blue tresses on any given weekend). With that said, we’re big fans of temporary color for events like Halloween.

One of our favorite temporary hair color products are the Redken Color Rebel sticks, which you can find at one of our Bang Salon locations. There are a range of colors you’ll be sure to have fun with, and your boss won’t know the wiser by Monday.



For characters whose bold hair plays a major part in knowing who you are, think Ariel or Bride of Frankenstein, rather than going for temporary color all over your head, a wig is your best bet for achieving the look and not damaging your hair.

If you have long hair, the key to getting a wig to lay nicely is pulling your hair back in to a low ponytail and then pinning the ponytail up and around the back of your head in a circular pattern so it lays flat. If you really want to keep the wig in place and make sure nothing goes awry, a wig cap is a great addition for helping to style your look.


Use Hidden Props 

Looking to channel a character with hair that goes to new heights? Before you pull out the rat tail comb and tease the hell out of your hair, think first about what you can put in your hair to achieve that pumped up volume.

Whether it’s those paper cones that you find at a water cooler station, or a simple piece of wire you can weave through a braid to achieve that Dr. Seuss character look, think about props you can use to help you achieve your look more easily. Because nothing is worse than the knots that result from the classic Halloween combination of teasing and extra hold hairspray, seriously…THE WORST.


Deep Condition

Even though we advise against over teasing, hairspring and the combo of the two, the best thing you can do for your hair after Halloween is treat yourself to a nice deep conditioning product. Get the high quality stuff and let your hair soak up the moisture and repairing ingredients so that you’re not left with split ends or dry tresses.

We also suggest using that deep conditioner long after Halloween to keep your hair strong, moisturized and in tip-top shape.


Lay Off the Heat Styling

It wouldn’t be Halloween without firing up at least one, or four hot tools. Thank goodness we held on to those crimpers from our youth! Because we tend to go a little heavy-handed with the hot tools on Halloween, not only will you want to use a quality thermal protectant prior to styling, you may also want to lay off the heat for the next couple days just to give your hair a break. Again, this tip doesn’t hurt post-Hallows Eve either.


So now we’re curious, who are you planning to be for Halloween or what was your best costume ever? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Look

Being in a rut can come in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s your wardrobe, sometimes it’s your fitness routine, but with as many people as we see come sit in our chairs, we know that getting a new hairstyle is a common way to get out of that I need something new/ I feeling boring/ I need a change with something in my life rut.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 signs it’s time to switch up your look and get out of that style rut:

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Look

1.) Everyday’s the Same Style

We’ve all got our easy go-to’s, for example the top knot, plain hair in a ponytail, or just flat-ironed straight. However, when your go-to becomes your every-single-solitary-day style, it’s time to switch things up. When you’re reverting to a style out of convenience or you’re hell-bent that you hair only looks good in one style, it’s time to broaden your hair horizons.

Listen, if Ariana Grande can break out of her half-up ponytail hairstyle every now and again, so can you.

2.) You Put Zero Time in to Your Style 

Similar to everyday is the same style problem, this takes it one step further, meaning, you don’t purposely put your hair in to the same style everyday, you just literally don’t do anything to it. For example, you may put your hair in to a top knot everyday, but there’s a difference between the purposely styled top knot (a look we do love), and a top knot that looks like you never even touched it up or bothered to re-do it after a full night’s sleep.

While everyone claims they want an easy wash-and-go style, the truth is every style needs a few minutes of TLC to look decent. And if you’re really in that much of rush, that’s a sign it’s time for a new style that will work better with your lifestyle.

3.) You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Made a Change

Can’t remember the last time you got a trim?

Been blonde since the day you were born?

Still have the same style you had in college…in the 90s?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please refer to our contact numbers at the bottom for booking your next appointment. Seriously, no one should look like they did in the 90s…ever.

4.)  People Say You Still Look the Same

While usually a compliment, it’s nice to reinvent parts of our look as we travel through life. Maybe that means becoming a fiery redhead or getting a snappy pixie to give you boldness, or maybe it’s something more subtle like getting bangs.

Although you may simply love your hairstyle, consider that you might be hiding behind the same style as a way of holding on to something or using your look as a security blanket. And you know what, it’s fine if you just truly love your style, but it’s kind of like ordering chicken tenders at every restaurant you go to…sure you’ll know you like it, but if you don’t try something different, you many never learn what you’ll really love.

5.) You Feel Blah

It’s fair to say we’ve all felt like this at one point or another, right? However, if you’ve been feeling blah for longer than a couple days, and it’s been more like a few weeks, months or (hopefully not) years, you gotta spice it up.

Life is too short to feel frumpy or fizzled out all the time, so get surfing on Pinterest and find yourself some inspiration and talk to a stylist. A fresh new cut, color, or style could be just what you need to feel re-energized and fabulous!