Stylist Q&A with Sarah of Bang Salon DC Verizon Center


Today we’re going behind the chair with one of our newest stylists, and resident curly hair specialist, at Bang Salon DC at the Verizon Center. Meet Sarah!

Q: How long have you been styling hair and how did you get in to this profession?

A: I’ve been professionally styling hair for 7 years, but this has been my life-long passion. Ever since I was a little girl this is what I knew I wanted to do when I grew up.

Q: How long have you been with Bang Salon DC?

A: I’m brand new! I’ve been at Bang Salon DC for a little over a month.

Q: What do you think makes Bang Salon a unique place to go get your hair done? There are so many offerings here in the city, but why should someone try Bang?

A: The environment and the energy here is completely unique. Fun, welcoming, and buzzing are a few words that come to mind when I think of describing Bang, and I don’t think that’s something you find at every salon.

Q: What’s your favorite color trend happening right now?

A: I love the balayage style because you can truly get creative with it. A lot of people think of balayage, or ombre, as this one particular “look,” but it’s a technique, and there are so many variations to how you can pull it off.

For anyone who wants to add dimension, color and playfulness without the typical highlights look or up-keep, balayage is a great way to ease in to new color and personalize the process.

Q: What is your number one hair tip you could give to someone who just overall wants healthier hair?

A: No matter what kind of hair you have always, always, always use protective products. You don’t have to be afraid of color or heat styling your hair as long as you protect it with quality products that seal your hair properly.

Now when it comes to my specialty of curly hair, my number one tip is to keep that hairstyle in shape. Curls need frequent attention and love, and that includes getting a trim to keep your style shaped and your ends healthy. Every six to eight weeks you need to be making sure to come in for a dusting, nothing drastic, but it drastically helps your hair.

Q: What’s something clients can do to ensure they’ll be happy with the results of their appointment?

A: I always ask people to be clear on what they don’t want. Once I know what you absolutely don’t want, I’m able to narrow in during my consultation with you and determine a direction and style you’re going to be truly happy with.

A lot of people come in to their hair appointments with pictures of what they want or a description of what they want, but your description might be slightly different than how I would professionally interpret what you’re asking for, so by honing in on what you don’t want and what you want to stay away from, it actually helps me clarify what you are looking for.

Q: Who’s your favorite celebrity “hair crush” right now?

A: Janelle Monáe! That girl just has pure style, and she’s always got funky new cuts and styles going on. It’s just clear she has a lot of fun with her look, which I admire.


You can schedule an appointment with Sarah by calling Bang Salon DC at the Verizon Center at 202.737.2264, or online through our website.


Style Crush: The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe hairstyles

We know what you’re thinking, come on now, a realty star? Well, just hear us out for a second because there’s a few reasons why we love the latest Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Beyond her being sassy, outspoken, and the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, there’s no denying the girl’s got style. Yes, she had a stylist for her outfits on The Bachelorette, but according to the Bachelor/Bachelorette producers,  the ladies on the various shows are all on their own when it comes to hair and makeup, which is probably a lesser known fact about the ABC hit franchise.

Considering that she had no professional stylist help, we have to say, Kaitlyn’s nailed a signature laid-back, girl-next-door look with a slight rebel twist. Here are a few of our favorite Kaitlyn Bristowe hairstyles:


Loose waves with a classic middle part is always a great go-to style for brunch or a casual date and it’s easily achieved with a wide-barrel curling wand, which keeps your curls looking natural and less “done.”


Similar to her effortless waves, but with one side pinned back for an asymmetrical look, this by far Kaitlyn’s most common style. She’s worn this hairstyle on the Bachelor and her season of the Bachelorette, as well as multiple red carpet events.

With just a little teasing at the crown for volume and a strategically placed pin, you’ve got a more jazzed up style from your laid-back curls. Also, this hairstyle is perfect for showing off beautiful statement earrings.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.05.15 PM

Who says you can’t be stylish while working up a sweat? We’ve already expressed our love for the half-up top knot style in a previous blog post, but this just shows again how versatile this new hairstyle trend can be. We imagine Kaitlyn wearing this style to go hit the gym, grab a juice, and then meet up with the gals for brunch, and look good while doing it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.39.37 AM


Kaitlyn doesn’t typically wear her hair up, but we love the full top knot on her! Considering that her hair doesn’t appear to be very thick, this look could’ve fallen flat, but with a little teasing of her tresses before wrapping up her top knot, this look is perfect for hot summer days and grabbing a cone at the boardwalk.

Images of Kaitlyn Bristowe hairstyles via 1 / 2 / 3 /


6 Tips for Boosting Hair Growth

Growing out your hair can be a seriously arduous process. Between the awkward grow-out phases and being on a time crunch (wedding-day-ready hair, anyone?), intentionally growing out your hair takes patience, but most of all the know-how for doing it correctly.

There are so many myths and money-schemes aimed at selling you the idea of growing Rapunzel-length locks in a matter of weeks, but many times those things are hurting your efforts, not helping them.

So in an effort to get you the longer locks you want, and have a healthy head of hair as well, here are our top six tips for boosting hair growth (no 100 brushes a day tips here..please don’t say you still believe that):


1.) Start from the Inside 

Long, healthy hair is also a by-product of a healthy diet. That means getting the adequate amount of protein, healthy fats and minerals through whole foods, and potentially supplements. For example, protein helps promote cell growth and repair, which translates to a boost in hair growth as well as stronger strands since hair is comprised of protein.

The extra bonus of eating a healthier diet? It also results in a healthier body!

Do your research on the right foods to incorporate in to your diet and get cooking, you’ll start to see the payoff with consistency.

2.) Keep it as Natural as Possible 

When we say natural, we mean cut back on the heat styling and resist the urge to tie your hair up in an elastic 24/7 where your hair is being pulled at the roots, just let your hair be in it’s natural state.

We understand if you can’t do this all the time, but giving your hair follicles some time to breathe and just do their own thing keeps your hair shaft strong and less likely to break or split. Your hair is already dead, but overdoing it with the heat-styling and tight updos can break and pull hair straight from the root, which obviously doesn’t help you achieve the longer hair you desire.

3.) Use Quality Products

You know those cheap shampoos you see in the store that are electric blue or violet? Think about the ingredients within those products that makes it that color. Your hair doesn’t need it.

Invest in quality products that contain cleansing agents that are gentle on your strands as well as products with deep conditioning agents that work to seal in moisture and help protect from the effects of heat styling.

Of course, we’re biased regarding salon-quality products, but it’s only because they work and they’ve proven that they’re worth every penny. You can see some of of the product lines we carry in Bang here.

4.) Swap Out Your Cotton Pillowcase for Silk 

Cotton causes friction between your hair and the fabric, which can result in some nasty tangles and subsequently ripped hair when you’re trying to brush them out.

By switching to a silk pillowcase you’ll be saving your hair from catching on fibers, which causes those dreaded knots since silk allows hair to glide over the surface. Plus, silk is also good for keeping your skin hydrated. Double win!

5.) Trim Your Ends

This one brings a lot of debate, so we’re just going to lay down the facts:

Yes, hair grows from the roots. So if you don’t cut your hair or go long times between cuts, yes, you will have longer hair than if you got a “dusting” of your ends every 6 to 8 weeks. But, and that is a big but, your hair will not be as healthy as it could be and it definitely won’t look as great either.

Why? Because split ends travel up the hair shaft, so instead of steadily growing out beautiful, healthy hair, you’ll be growing longer hair where more and more of it becomes longer split ends.

Then when you finally do go in to get a haircut, your stylist is going to want to cut off the five inches of unhealthy hair hanging at the bottom leaving you with shorter hair than before.

What you can do is go see your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks where they can lightly clean up the ends (so little that its hardly noticeable even to you), and you’re left with healthy ends that aren’t causing damage to the rest of your hair you’re working so hard to grow out.

6.) Be Patient 

We already mentioned this in the beginning, but it bears repeating, be patient!

You can’t expect to lose 5 pounds in one day, so why would you believe you could grow your hair 5 inches in a month? Our body’s natural processes take time, so don’t get fed up with your efforts after a month or two. Remain consistent in adopting healthy hair practices, improve your diet, and make the slight changes in your environment needed to boost your hair growth.

Over time you’ll start to see the payoff. And if you really need your hair to be a certain length by a specific date, look in to quality extensions and consult with your stylist on the best ways to achieve your desired look, but we bet that if you’re just looking to have a healthier head of hair and slightly longer locks, these tips will get your crowning glory looking fabulous soon enough.